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Three times a year, over 5,000 First Nation children in Ontario’s remote communities receive packages addressed in their names.

Inside are a children’s book and an activities-based newsletter.

Support Club Amick

Your donation will:

  • help bring reading materials to First Nation children, promoting literacy and a love for reading
  • create awareness of and take steps to address the need for childhood literacy support in remote First Nation communities
  • promote awareness across Ontario about the importance of childhood literacy
  • provide continuity, through ongoing support, to participants in the Lieutenant Governor’s Summer Literacy Camp program and to other children in the target communities.

“Thank you for my book. I am in Grade 3. I read your book and I love it. It’s good the title is A Quiet Place.”

– A recipient postcard to Amick

The spirit and intent of Club Amick also complements the spirit and intent of Our Way Forward, an Ontario First Nation public library initiative for the establishment and development of public library service in Ontario’s First Nation communities.